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CFD Analysis

Having successfully completed complex and critical projects, our team of CFD engineers is delivering solutions to major engineering verticals globally.

Water Resources

We provide technical and economic analysis for energy production, irrigation, drinking and utility water supply, flood protection and recreation systems.

Coastal Management

We provide design, analysis and consultancy services for coastal structures inclueding protection of the infrastructure elements in the port and coastal areas, prevention of erosion on the coast, and diverting streams and rivers.

Environmental Engineering

We produce sustainable and permanent solutions to reduce pollution and to improve water quality in water resources such as lakes, ponds, streams and seas.

Urban Water Systems

We provide services related to the analysis of sewage, storm water, water supply management, waterways and passive circulation systems.

Ports & Waterways

We are planning and designing navigation channels, harbors, ports, shipyards, and ship mooring systems. Additionally, using CFD tools we examine performance analysis of floating type of marine and coastal structures.

Dams & Leeves

We provide services reletad to the analysis, design, removal and emergency of dams and leeves.

Smart Data Solutions

In help of 2D and 3D models we prepare marine and coastal forecasting, flood risk maps and we design control structures

HEC Engineering Products

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CLEW 2.0

Wind Powered Aeretion System

Vearator 3.0

Venturi Cavitation Aeration System


Built-in Obstraction Based Flow Accelerator Turbine

Can You See the Future ?

With CFD We Can

CFD is a well mixing of science, math, technology, fiction and art. Also you can use it to make art. Because CFD shows us unseen dynamics of molecules around and inside us. A professional CFD analysist can paint invisible behavoir of nature and can show us how deep the rabbit hole!