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Watershed Management

We provide guidelines for;

-Watershed Management Planning
-Land Use Best Management Practices
-Numerical Modelling
-Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis
-Precipitation, River and Coastal Modeling
-Pollutant Source Control
-Impaired Waters
-Geographic Information Management

Freshwater Lakes & Reservoirs

We provide guidelines for;

-Water Supply Limnology
-Diagnostic-Feasibility Studies
-Monitoring Programs
-Method and Apparatus Development and Design
-Artificial Circulation
-Flow Routing
-Off-Grid Technologies

Water Supply Conveyance and Storage

We provide guidelines for;

-Master, Asset Management and Regulatory Planning
-Pumping Station Inspection, Testing, Evaluation, Design, Renovation & Upgrades
-System Hydraulic Modeling
-Leak Detection & Repair Programs Engineering and Design
-Unidirectional Flushing Program Design and GIS Mapping

Water Quality and Treatment

We provide guidelines for;

-Water Quality Evaluations
-Treatment Alternatives, Adequacy & Efficiency Evaluations
-Planning for Future Regulations & Quality
-Contaminant Transport Modeling
-Groundwater Monitoring Program

Groundwater Yield & Quality Enhancement and Water Resource Protection

We provide guidelines for;

-Groundwater Yield and Water Quality Monitoring
-Emerging Contaminant Vulnerability and Impact Assessments
-Numerical Modeling of Groundwater and Surface Water Systems for Resource Management and Optimization
-Drought Mitigation and Management Plans

Groundwater Supply Exploration and Development

We provide guidelines for;

-Geologic Mapping
-Groundwater Numerical Modeling
-Watershed Contamination Investigation
-Hydrogeological Assessments
-Groundwater Monitoring Program